Samples of Press Releases

Heavy rain could not dampen the Festival Noel Christmas spirit – RELEASED FOR BAHAMAS NATIONAL TRUST


Despite the heavy rains that surrounded the first weekend in December, the holiday spirit of Festival Noel was not dampened. “We are astonished and thrilled with the turnout,” said Lakeshia Anderson, Grand Bahama Parks Manager. “We changed our whole layout at 10am the morning of Festival Noel and we got everyone under cover!”

Rain was forecast for the entire weekend but it held up for the 21st Annual Festival Noel, which is a Grand Bahama staple event during the holiday season. Over 300 residents turned out to attend the wine tasting, art show and Chef Noel competition, which supports the Grand Bahama branch of the Bahamas National Trust.

“It was a great night despite the rain,” said Karin Sanchez, Festival Noel Committee Member and BNT Council member. “At 7pm we had over 100 people ready to go in and the flow just did not stop. Everyone was saying they would never miss this event!”


This year, with the move inside, restaurants were placed in the Glory Harris Banks Art Gallery, doubled up in the Exhibit Room and moved to the back of the Rand Nature Centre facility, which was tented to also accommodate the bands and Bahamian Brewery and Beverage.

Performances by Derek Gape and Steve Persaud started out the evening beautifully, with ‘2 Left Feet’ getting the dancing and singing going.

Seven restaurants and caterers participated in the Chef Noel competition including Dive-In Restaurant and Bar, Agave, New Life Vegetation, Chocolatess Island Delights, Better Than Roses, Señor Frogs and Bahamas Adventures – a first time Festival Noel participant.


Ten artists, including guest artist Matt Wild, and over 30 wines were also featured.

“It’s a lot of hard work on the day,” said Carlynn Sands, Bristol Wines and Spirits Marketing Manager, “but we were ready for the early crowds and despite the weather the 21st year was another success for Bristol and our partners, the BNT.”

The night ended on a high note as the big Grand Prize was announced, with the winners being Sue and Sean McCrea.

Participants donated twenty dollars to wear fun antlers that lit up and were entered to win over ten prizes including: dinner for two at Agave, drinks for two at Bones, weekend for two at Pelican Bay, dinner for two at Pier 1/East, one bottle of Bellinger Brut Champagne courtesy of Bristol Wines and Spirits, his and hers gift basket from Perfume Factory, dolphin swim for two from UNEXSO, kayak trip for two to Peterson Cay from Calabash Eco Adventures and a BNT Annual Family Membership.

“We thought it would be a fun way to earn some funds for the Trust,” said Sarah Kirkby, Festival Noel Committee member. “We sold out by 8:30pm and it was fun to see the antlers all over the event. It added some nice Christmas spirit.”

To see more pictures on the event please visit the BNT Facebook page. “A huge thanks to all who came out,” said Anderson. “The support from the community, sponsors and friends makes it all worth it.”

David Tate returns home to guide at Deep Water Cay – RELEASED FOR DEEP WATER CAY

David Tate

As Deep Water Cay (DWC) works to ensure that their private island resort is fully booked for the upcoming year they have been adding to their team expertise!

The newest team member is David Tate, who joined the team last month as a fly-fishing guide. Tate grew up in Sweetings Cay and is very familiar with Deep Water Cay’s surrounding waters and fishing grounds. He spent the last seven years in Abaco, as the head guide at Abaco Lodge, where he guided for fly-fishing legends like Flip Pallott and Lefty Kreh. During his time in Abaco his skills as a bonefish guide were featured in many articles about Abaco Lodge, including, and various other sports fisherman websites.

“Deep Water Cay is privileged and very thankful to have David on our excellent guide staff,” said Buzz Cox, DWC General Manager. “His years of experience in Bahamian waters and hailing from Sweetings Cay makes him a fantastic addition to our ‘Dream Team’ of guides.”

“He has guided some of the greats in the business and his easygoing demeanor sets our clients at ease,” added Cox. “He is an excellent teacher, very patient, and gives his all to those that he takes out on the flats. We welcome him and look forward to a long list of happy guests!”

Recently the resort has been promoting their dive amenities, but fly-fishing is still the leading supplier of guests to the resort and what makes the cay so notable in the fly-fishing world. Tate will join the nine Bahamian guides who have managed to help their clients catch two lodge record bonefish within the past two years – one over 14 pounds and one 15+.

These expert guides have spent their lives around the areas where bonefish are caught and now make their livelihood working on the very same marls. For more information on the resort visit their website at or their social media pages.

Primary school students make the pledge to conserve water – RELEASED FOR WATER AND SEWERAGE CORPORATION

Primary School Students Make the Pledge to Conserve Water

The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) has been hard at work improving their services and recently launched their Win Back campaign showing the improvements they have made. Additionally, WSC continues to teach students about our most important resource, WATER, and why we should treasure it.

Last week the WSC PR team visited Stephen Dillet Primary School to show students the importance of water conservation. “Water, water, everywhere!” exclaimed S. Scavella, Principal of Stephen Dillet Primary. “Water and Sewerage really cares and it showed in their lesson, which was informative and well presented. It aligns with the Ministry of Environment’s prescribed curriculum topics in Social Studies and the students really benefited from this timely and detailed presentation.”

Since National Water Month, WSC has been reaching out to various primary schools to give presentations on how much water we use in our daily lives. During the presentation, the team gave students small tips that they can use everyday to help conserve water and to understand how lucky we are in The Bahamas to have it so readily accessible.

WSC Public Relations and Marketing Rep, Chrisnor Stuart, Giving Lessons on Water Conservation

“The students were very appreciative and responsive to the information we shared,” said Chrisnor Stuart, WSC Public Relations and Marketing Rep. “Children can make a huge impact on water conservation simply by starting at home and changing the way their families, friends and classmates use water. The right thing can be done just by doing one thing each day to contribute to your home’s water conservation.”

In addition to learning about water conservation, the students watched videos on the reverse osmosis system that WSC uses to provide water in Nassau and in some Family Islands. The students eagerly absorbed the information and all pledged to do their part in helping to conserve water.

WSC Team Presenting Bags to Students to Commemorate Their Lessons on Water Conservation

“The presentation was informative, interesting and easy for the students to understand,” said Leonique Taylor, class teacher. “The content was relevant to what we teach. Hats off to the WSC team! Excellent delivery and interaction!”

As part of the company’s ongoing redevelopment, and thanks to an $81 million IDB loan, the corporation is improving its overall image and connection with the community. WSC just released its first Win Back initiative and is working diligently to improve their overall water pressure and infrastructure.

To learn more visit their website or social media pages. Schools interested in having this program delivered at the school can contact Chrisnor Stuart at WSC at 302-5599.

‘Service Above Self’ proclaimed to country via creative Bahamas Waste truck – RELEASED FOR BAHAMAS WASTE


Last week the Bahamas Waste team unveiled another new service truck to be added to their fleet. This one though carried a message dear to the Directors and Managers hearts, “Service Above Self!”

Rotary’s official motto, Service Above Self, traces back to the early days of the organization in 1911. It was taken from a speech made at their second convention of the National Association of Rotary Clubs of America. In 1950 at the Convention in Detroit, it was officially adopted as one of the clubs mottos and in 1989 Council on Legislation, and they established ‘Service Above Self’ as the principal motto of Rotary.

“Bahamas Waste has been a very big supporter of Rotary for the past 20 plus years” noted Francisco de Cardenas, Managing Director of Bahamas Waste. “We have three Past Presidents and five total Rotarians on the Board of Directors. I believe we share a common philosophy with the Rotary core values, and what a better way to support those values, and Felix Stubbs, the 2015/2016 District Governor.”


During a pre-ceremony to the annual Nassau Rotary awards, held at the Governor General’s residence, the Waste team officially presented the truck to District Governor Stubbs, current Rotary Presidents, Rotarians and their guests. Stubbs unveiled the hidden design, which revealed two clasped hands and the motto on both sides of the white garbage truck.

“I am so delighted that Bahamas Waste has chosen to recognize the work of Rotary in this fashion. The truck, so beautifully done, will bring awareness to Rotary’s efforts to end polio in the world,” stated Stubbs.


“The truck also promotes Rotary International’s theme ‘Be a gift to the world’ and my District 7020’s theme ‘From Success to Significance’. Both themes seek to encourage Rotarians and others to use their time, talent and treasure for the benefit of those who are in need. That is what Bahamas Waste has done and I congratulate them wholeheartedly.”

According to Rotary history ( the ‘Service Above Self’ motto best conveys the philosophy of unselfish volunteer service. The Bahamas Waste family truly believes in this philosophy. The newly minted truck will now join their infamous Big Pink Truck, which reminds Bahamians to get tested early for cancer as well as their National Pride Truck which displays the country’s flag.

“Service Above Self” – what a better country we would be if we were ALL Rotarians” ended de Cardenas.

Swing into action for Charity – RELEASED FOR GRAND BAHAMA SHIPYARD


Everything is just a bit more fun when you’re doing it for a good cause, and Grand Bahama Shipyard (GBSL) is set to swing for charity November 1st, when they host their 6th Annual golf tournament, and the first tournament dedicated to charity.

“In 2010 GBS began conducting an annual golf outing principally amongst the Shipyard employees to foster team building within the yard,” noted Evan Baumberger, Manager, Quality Assurance Department at GB Shipyard, and one of the organisers of this year’s golf tournament. “Over the next couple of years, the event grew to include our partners in the marine related industries and was a way to engage in face-to-face networking in a social environment. This year we wanted to provide a more meaningful outcome of the tournament so we have decided to donate the proceeds to charity.”

The golf tournament will be played at the Reef Golf Course and is open to both male and female golfers with an entry fee of $65 per golfer. The tournament will be a two-player team scramble, with prizes for first place, second place and third place teams as well as “Closest-to-the Pin” on two par 3 holes, “Longest Drive” and a putting contest. The organisers of the tournament also hope to have a “Hole-in-One” challenge, which will boast a very special prize.


In addition to the golfing prizes, there will be a raffle at the end of the day’s golfing. There will also be a “perpetual” trophy to help memorialise the winning team. Last year 63 golfers participated in the tournament with the team of John Laris, Stuart Clotworthy and Sam Anthony winning the tournament.

Organisers of this year’s tournament hope that all of their past golfers and many new ones will join them to golf for a good cause. It is their hope that the tournament will bring in enough funds to make those less fortunate in Grand Bahama a little happier this upcoming holiday season as this tournament will solely benefit adults who need help.


“A chain is no stronger than its weakest link, so too is a community no more prosperous than the least fortunate among us,” said Reuben Byrd, Acting President and COO at GBS. “Through the GB Shipyard open golf tournaments we plan to assist the Grand Bahama Urban Renewal programme so we can help provide assistance to those less fortunate in very tangible way, and together help our community and our Island’s prosperity.”

Interested golfers may register for the tournament by contacting Shipyard organisers Evan Baumberger at 727-0657, Andy Storie at 375-0811 or Barry Dickson at 727-1406. You can also find more information about the tournament on the company’s event page.